Wednesday, May 28, 2008

XIV. 5/28/08

The Death Chickens made a clear path for her to follow, but they made a clear path for Bauer as well. She ran Mongoose hard, stopping only once for four new tires and a tract bar adjustment and once for gas-n-goes. The tracks had long dried and were covered with pollen; she had a lot of ground to cover before she caught up with them.

Plan after plan fell flat as she sped north by northwest. Her army was far behind; she'd let her emotion get the better of her again. If she hadn't broken the unspoken rule among D.C.D.A.'s - don't get jiggy a a brat-fest with your partner- she might have thought through her actions.

She turned Mongoose's tracking chip back on. Even if Bauer's chest-hair grew up past his eyes and obscurd his vision, which would be possible with extra Rogaine, he would be able to follow her. The fast flight had obliterated the possibility of stealth.

Thirty seconds passed before Crispy's hologram popped up. It kept pace with her.

"Ah, ducklin'. Whatcher doin'?" he sighed.

"I don't know," she answered while steering over rough terrain. "I lost it again."

"Why're you headin' to the Dakotas?"

So that's where they were going. She'd read about the Dakotas as a school girl. There was one north, and one south. Their capitals were... they were..."

"Grimironie!" Crispy yelled.

"Uh! Umm. I'm following a stampede."

"Fer what good reason?"

"Poultreus. He's leading them. Taking Frank out of Bauer's reach."

"Tha's not likely, girl. Whacha think's goin' to happen when he catches up an' you're without backup? You plan to take on the Porks on your own? You think I could have made it on my own without apostrophes? We all need help sometimes. Ask fer help."

"Help!" Grimironie yelled.

"Done." Crispy smiled. His hologram vanished.

She felt like the field grew smoother and her breathing came easier. "Bismark!" she blurted triumphantly.

* * * * * * *

"Sweet ranch!" Maestro said to Chief Kalel, "where are the chicks?"

"You have a one-track mind. I've transported them to another farm for their safety." Even the egg incubators were empty.

Crispy limped over and whispered something in the Chief's ear.

"Time to move out! Kalel screamed. The troops roared in approval.

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