Sunday, July 20, 2008

XVII. 7/20/08

She had to tend to the niceties. Death Chicken Watch filmed while she led the shackled Snake B. Bauer to the paddy-wagon. A mass of onlookers assembled, no doubt the result of live coverage. Rows of RV's lined the walk to the paddy-wagon, and camera flashes nearly blinded Grimironie. When she shut him in, the crowd cheered. She couldn't wait to escape. Three crept up next to her. Among the din, she heard a distinct and snarky laugh. She turned and saw a striking woman in a trench coat, red stilettos and a fedora. She held a bison fraise on a leash. As he shook his little head, his pink tam bobbed.

Could it be? Grimironie wondered. Then, like mist, ephemeral, the woman disappeared into the crowd.

Three put his hand on her shoulder. "Shoot me with a clue-gun," Grimironie whispered.

"Oh chief!" Three called. "I think Grim left her pen back there. Gotta go get it."

Chief Kalel flashed a manly smile, which meant, "Okay! Go get that pen, you crazy kids!"

She nodded at Three, and they set off on their ATV's.

* * * * * * * * * *

They ripped through the hidden valley and climbed the western hill. The terrain grew too steep; they dismounted and climbed on foot. The sun began to descend over the hills. At the summit, Grimironie gasped and Three gaped; they saw Poultreus in the distance.

Death Chickens had set themselves in a semi-circle, preening their feathers and attempting to look sultry in a Death Chicken sort of way. In the center, Poultreus frolicked with the largest pullet known to man: Capon Frank. His feathers gleamed pure white. He was magnificent.

From a far off portable stereo, Debby Boone's classic vocals spread good feelings amongst the hens as Poultreus tossed a beach ball to Capon Frank:

...You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
and fill my nights with song...

Frank playfully tossed the ball back to Poultreus. He caught it. They hugged as best as they could considering the size difference and Frank's clawed feet.
Grimironie shed a tear, and quickly wiped it away. Could she baste him now? She remembered davids's words to her and noted Poultreus's face. It was full of adoration. She acknowledged the change within her.

"That's so precious," Three whispered.

He was right. She dropped her baster and stood. She looked Three in the eye.
"I can't take Frank," she said. Three smiled. "All this time, by chasing Capon Frank, I was chasing something to fill the vacancy in my life where love should be. But I found love instead. Billy Ray MacHaggis III, you are my vacant someone."

Three beamed. Then he took her in his arms and gave her the wettest and most passionate kiss that has ever been seen against a North Dakota sunset.

Afterwards, they turned to Poultreus and gave a triumphant wave. He waved back.


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